Time To Pause:

A Self-Care Summit For Women

April 2, 2020
7pm - 8pm
Pacific Time
From the comfort of your home
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So…life has gotten a little crazy lately, right?!

It’s no secret that all of our lives have been upended, in one way or another, over the past few weeks…so Anna and I sat down together to see how we could provide an extra layer of support to women around the world to help them navigate their “new normal.”  And we wanted this support to be accessible to ALL women, meaning that it needed to be free…timely…and FUN. With all of this in mind, we are proud to invite you to join us for…

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Time to Pause:
A Self-Care Summit For Women

We are thrilled to host a panel of three amazing women who are each uniquely qualified to provide information and tools for self-care: physical, mental and spiritual.  Anna and I will also be sharing some of our very own Call Me Unstoppable material, to make sure that you have everything you need to take care of yourself…so you can be there for everyone else.

Want to attend but the time doesn’t work? No problem! Go ahead and register, even if you aren’t able to attend live, as you will receive access to the recording so you can watch at your convenience.

Lastly, please share information about Time To Pause: A Self-Care Summit For Women with the women in your world who could use some extra support – all are welcome!

Meet Our Panel!

Lou Ellyn Jones

Lou Ellyn will introduce the science and art of Emotional Freedom Technique (“EFT”), also known as “tapping.” Tapping is a powerful tool, especially during times of heightened anxiety, and Lou Ellyn will demonstrate a simple way that you can use EFT for relaxation and self-care.
Website: www.helptofindyourvoice.com.

Juanita Evans
Juanita Evans

Juanita knows that mental health is a critical element of self-care, and will show us some quick and easy tips for cultivating resilience and self-love when you need it most.
Website: www.themarstoncenter.com/therapists/

Melissa Seipel
Melissa Seipel

Melissa is a personal trainer and avid student of human movement and body mechanics, knowing that a healthy body is the foundation of your best life. Melissa will be sharing simple breathwork and movement techniques designed to help reduce stress and navigate life changes. Website: www.impactfitnessllc.com

This one-hour summit will provide support to help you balance the emotional, mental, and physical facets of your life.  Now more than ever, our well-being matters - for us and all those we care about.  We hope you'll spend this hour with us and leave feeling empowered to bring balance and calm into your life today!

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Meet Your Hosts

We are Anna and Logan, also known as the Unstoppable Sisters – two very different women with a shared passion for empowering women from all walks of life to change the world by making their dreams come to life.  We know that self-care is foundational to living an unstoppable life, especially in times uncertainty. This free event is our gift to women around the world, another way to help women become unstoppable. To learn more about our other offerings, including Unstoppable U™ (our online program with group coaching), just click here.

Logan (left) and Anna, the Unstoppable Sisters
Logan (left) and Anna, the Unstoppable Sisters
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