Find Your Ferocity:

Small Group Coaching For Women

with Logan Reed, MBA, PCC
and Anna Mumaw, Peer Support Specialist


What is the source of your ferocity? If you’re like I used to be, you think it is: grit, determination, working hard and then working harder. What I know now is that this is backwards and leads to exhaustion, depletion and frustration.

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The true, lasting source of your ferocity is your Heartset, your connection with the truth of who you are at your highest and best. When your dreams and goals are borne of your Heartset, they come along with the ferocity that makes them happen more quickly and easily. If you doubt the power of your Heartset, just think of a mother’s love for her children and the ferocity of that love.

Why does group coaching rock so hard?
We're glad you asked!

This powerful group is limited to 6 women and will meet virtually from 12-1pm Pacific Time on Tuesdays. Each week we will focus on one topic and work with a new tool to support you in exploring and unleashing your ferocity. As your coaches and guides, we will support you to shift your self-limiting thoughts around self-love, your own power and your worthiness to receive everything the Universe has for you.

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    Week One

    sets the foundation by reconnecting with your Heartset: the truth of who you are, your power and your knowing. The best part? Your Heartset is a renewable resource, once you know how to access this deep well of power.

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    Week Two

    focuses on identifying your self-limiting Mindsets and, better yet, how to create new Mindsets that empower and excite you.

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    Weeks Three & Four

    are all about building your Skillset: the habits, structures and support you in will need to stay connected to your Heartset, and your ferocity. Your Skillset will change and grow, as you change and grow…you’ll have everything you need to build the Skillset for your dreams.

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    Week Five

    delves into the world of possibility and how to create new possibilities, now that your self-limiting Mindsets aren’t running the show. Here is where you get to start dreaming of what your fierce life looks like!

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    Week Six

    is all about setting the stage for sustaining momentum, now that you have found your ferocity and are ready to take on your dreams. You will walk away knowing simple-yet-powerful ways to generate momentum when you get stuck…making you not only fierce, but unstoppable!

Group Coaching Schedule

June 16 - July 21
July 28 - September 1
September 8 - October 13
October 20 - November 24


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Meet The Unstoppable Sisters!

Logan is a coach and trainer who left her 15-year career in Human Resources to pursue her dream of making a bigger difference in the world, opening her coaching practice in 2011 and never looking back. She has had the privilege of coaching leaders from a wide range of organizations including the United Nations World Population Fund, financial institutions and entrepreneurial start-ups. Logan's private clients include diplomats, executives looking for their next career move, parents looking to improve their relationship with their children and new entrepreneurs.  The theme for all of Logan’s clients is they are individuals who are looking to amplifying their impact in the world, professionally and personally.

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Logan Reed, M.B.A., PCC

Logan graduated from Accomplishment Coaching in 2013, became a certified Conversational Intelligence coach in 2016 and is trained in Coaching with ROI.  Prior to changing careers, Logan received her B.A. in English Literature and her M.B.A. in Organizational Management.

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Anna is a lifelong creative innovator and since 1995 has been a self-employed entrepreneur.  She joined her sister Logan in forming Call Me Unstoppable™ to harness both kinds of unstoppable:  Logan's goal-focused practical approach and Anna's intuitive, unstructured exploration of possibility.  The magic of the Unstoppable Sisters' shared belief in changing the world one woman at a time combined with this two-pronged approach to problem solving means group coaching that will speak to all kinds of different women, and unleash the ferocity in all of us.

Anna Mumaw, Older Sister
Peer Support Specialist


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