Radical Self-Care:

Virtual Group Coaching for Women

with Logan Reed, MBA, PCC

Women are being asked to do more and be more for everyone around them these days – kids at home, creating a home office on the fly, working through financial worries and managing the bazillion details that come along with life during COVID-19. None of us were equipped to manage these times, there are no guidelines and this ongoing uncertainty can take a toll on our health: mind, body and spirit. This could be a time of exhaustion, depletion and isolation….or…

This can be a time of radical self-care and self-love: the two things that will help you navigate the chaos and uncertainty around you. Because I know that it is self-care that will give you the resilience, grounding and stamina to make it through this time. And I also know that self-care brings up women’s limiting beliefs around their own worthiness, whether they deserve to make their needs a priority. I get that this can seem like crazy talk when life has been upended in so many ways and “there’s no time for self-care” is the mantra for so many women…AND I know how life changing it is for women when they begin treating their self-care as essential to their ongoing success (now, and beyond COVID-19). It is, in fact, a powerful and radical act to put your self-care first.

With this in mind, you are warmly invited to join me for my new COVID-19 inspired coaching group for women: 6 Weeks of Radical Self-Care. This group is for you, if:

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    You Are Ready

    to break up your old, self-limiting beliefs about deserving self-care and self-love;

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    You want access

    to self-care tools and techniques that you can use for the rest of your life;

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    You are looking

    to join a community of women who are committed to taking the reins during these trying times;

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    You are willing

    to show up for yourself for these 6 weeks, without needing to be perfect and/or have it all figured out; and

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    You want

    to have a lot of laughs as we do all of the above!

This powerful group is limited to 6 women and will meet virtually from 12-1pm Pacific Time on Tuesdays from May 19th through June 23rd. Each week we will focus on one self-care topic and work with a new tool to support you in practicing the art of radical self-care. As your coach and guide, I will support you to shift your self-limiting thoughts around self-love, self-care and your worthiness to receive everything the Universe has for you.

Meet Your Coach!

Logan is a coach and trainer who left her 15-year career in Human Resources to pursue her dream of making a bigger difference in the world, opening her coaching practice in 2011 and never looking back. She has had the privilege of coaching leaders from a wide range of organizations including the United Nations World Population Fund, financial institutions and entrepreneurial start-ups.  Her private clients include diplomats, executives looking for their next career move, parents looking to improve their relationship with their children and new entrepreneurs.  The theme for all of Logan’s clients is they are individuals who are looking to amplifying their impact in the world, professionally and personally.

Logan graduated from Accomplishment Coaching in 2013, became a certified Conversational Intelligence coach in 2016 and is trained in Coaching with ROI.  Prior to changing careers, Logan received her B.A. in English Literature and her M.B.A. in Organizational Management.

Logan Reed, MBA, PCC
of Call Me Unstoppable™
Logan Reed, MBA, PCC of Call Me Unstoppable™

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