One Little Word Can Change Your Life!

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I had a really interesting conversation with my dear friend Julie who is an 8th grade teacher in the subject, for me, is just about the hardest thing in the world: math. Julie mentioned that, when she was a kid in school, she gave up on math when she got to algebra…she couldn’t figure it out and hated it. I asked what had changed, since she now loves math and spends her life teaching it to others. This made no sense to me, that she once hated math and was convinced that she couldn’t learn it! Here is what Julie said:

“I went back to community college and took pre-algebra again…I knew that I had to, in order to go back and get my degree to become a teacher. I was lucky and had the best teacher in the world…who was patient, made sure I understood every new concept…and I decided that I could learn this. From then on, I knew I could do it.” The emphasis is mine, because that is the power of pivoting your Mindset: that pivot changes everything. Every. Thing. 

Your Mindset determines everything that you do…and what you don’t do. Your Mindset is the lens through which you look at yourself, the world and your place in it. In my experience, most people are walking around the world living from shockingly self-limiting Mindsets that never get them the results that they want (and the joy, fulfillment, swagger, etc. that comes with said results). 

And, while I could write a novel about where Mindsets come from, the role that they play in our lives, etc…today is all about the pivot. Because pivots can be so incredibly easy and incredibly powerful. And the best part? Pivoting your Mindset is 100% in your control — you can change your Mindset and change the results you are getting your life any time you want.

Just like Julie who, with the support of someone who believed in her and was willing to take the time to help her learn, decided that she could learn pre-algebra and then was empowered to carry on and get her degree in teaching…and her dream job of teaching math to 8th graders. She still had to do the work, she still had to push herself beyond her doubts…but taking action from a Mindset of “I can learn this” rather than “I’ll never understand algebra” meant that success was now possible.

Some deeply held Mindsets take longer to pivot, because they have become so intertwined with who we believe ourselves to be…it takes practice, diligence and resilience to shift these Mindsets. But it can be done, I know this because I see people do it every day. Many Mindsets seem to melt away easily, once we know how to pivot them. It feels like the lifting a veil of self-limitation to reveal a whole new world of possibility. 

I promised in the title of this e-mail that one little word can change your life, and I meant it. When you find yourself thinking or speaking from a disempowering Mindset, all you need to do is add the word “yet”. For Julie, this would have looked like, “I don’t fully understand algebra…YET.” 

Maybe you haven’t landed your dream job, written the book, lost the weight, found your soulmate…yet. But you can most certainly open up the possibility of doing just that (and more) when you practice pivoting your Mindset by adding this one little word to your speaking and thinking.

What self-limiting Mindset will you practice pivoting this week? I’d love to hear what you choose and what happens as you practice…just drop me a line at and share.

We dedicate an entire lesson to Mindset in Unstoppable U and then expand that work into understanding how to generate possibility when it seems to have vanished into thin air. These are just a sampling of the skills that you develop in this powerful program…skills that you carry with you for life, setting you up to accomplish any dream that you have. If you’d like to get mad skills like these, let’s talk and see if Unstoppable U is for you! You can find me at to schedule a time to connect.

Much love,
Logan and Anna

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