Anna’s Diary – Mindset, Day 2

Oh, baby, what I could write about my Mindset journey!  Mindset is, for me, the biggest, richest and most fertile ground for the work of becoming unstoppable, because I can know where my heart is leading me and I can develop effective skills, but my old Mindsets are great at pushing their way in and trying to slow me down.  

I have two “primary” Mindsets:  I am not good at, and completely unqualified to do, anything.  And I haven’t earned anything that I have – I’ve been carried by other people my whole life.

Those two Mindsets have been such a part of my thinking for so long that it’s hard to recognize that they ARE Mindsets, and not reality.  It’s like that pair of glasses with the “unqualified-and-lazy” progressive lenses had become grafted to my face.  But using the Mindset Buster worksheets in Lesson 2 of Module 1 shakes that loose for me.  Writing things down by hand as I do the worksheets really brings it home to me how separate my Mindsets are from my actual self, and how adjusting my Mindset to something different can change everything else in a major (and surprising) way.

For example, I switched out my first Mindset, that I am not good at anything and unqualified, for a Power Mindset:  I am enough, and I don’t have to prove anything.  The idea that I’m enough is radical for me.  I have to really sit with it to even be comfortable thinking it.  But if I use that lens, that I’m enough, and look at my aspiration (a cool new reboot of the Unstoppable U content), I realize that my skills and experience and the work I’ve already done are all undeniable facts, and that revamping the program is not only doable, it will be FUN.  Each fear or doubt or anxiety that I have changes when I look at it through the lens that I Am Enough.  It’s like the proof falls into place when I use that Mindset to look at my dreams.

And it’s like using a muscle:  I have to keep doing it to build up that new Mindset so it’s nice and strong and becomes my go-to.  This really isn’t hard to do; I notice when I am feeling some kind of stress about my aspiration (anxiety, frustration, doubt) and take a moment to look at the Mindset Buster worksheet, especially Part Two.  I sit with that empowering Mindset – I Am Enough – and look again at (and add to) the list of possible actions I might take from that Mindset.  Switching my old Mindset lenses for a fresh new set makes the work I’m setting out to do look and feel entirely different – it opens the door for me to see how freakin’ FUN this project is, and how many exciting aspects there are to it for me to discover.  So I’m going to keep those lenses, thank you very much! – and I expect they’re going to be a whole lot more comfortable, too.

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