The Heartset Reset:

Welcome the Light

January 27-29, 2021
6:00PM - 7:30PM PT

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Welcome longer days
and let the light in

You are warmly invited to join us for our first Heartset Reset event of 2021! It's a New Year, a new month and a new beginning.  We have, quite literally, made it through the darkest night of December 21st and are now welcoming the return of the light as we kick off 2021.

We will come together to celebrate and ignite the light within YOU throughout 3 nights of coaching, community and concrete tools that to be applied immediately to your life. Coaching, yoga and breathwork, aromatherapy and crystals, meditation, connection and laughter -- all with the support of a PCC certified coach (Logan), Peer Support Specialist (Anna) and a yogi (Drea).

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Jan HR Playbook cover

Your Heartset Reset Playbook is part journal, part training manual and part life planner. We designed the Playbook to capture all of your insights, a-has and provide copies of the tools that you will use during the Heartset Reset. At the end of your 3-night journey, you will have created your personalized, one-of-a-kind Heartset Reset Playbook so you can revisit your learnings and use our Reset exercises at any time.

Jan HR Kit

Your Welcoming The Light Kit  contains 3 sets of small semi-precious stones that pair with each night’s theme,  3 hand-crafted botanical aromatherapy balms designed specifically for this event, and a soy wax votive candle to light your way every night.  Every item in your Kit was chosen with you in mind, to enhance and deepen your experience of the Heartset Reset.  Each element of your Kit invites your mind, body and spirit to take part in your Reset so you get the most from your experience.

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Community and Connection

is a new addition to the Heartset Reset and we couldn't be more excited! We will keep the virtual room open until 7:30pm Pacific each evening, after we have completed that night’s activities, to allow time for informal connection, conversation and community building. We hope you will join us for this relaxed, come-as-you-are opportunity to connect!

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    Night One

    Our first night is all about guiding you through the release of the past and the things that no longer serve you, or are holding you back from connecting with your natural light and joy. Beginning with Drea’s guided grounding breathwork, you will use your Heartset as your guide as you are coached through setting an intention, and experiencing the clarity and possibilities that our Forgive & Release creates. Heart opening yoga and Drea’s Liquid Light meditation round out the evening’s activities, filling your Heartset with the power and light that is your natural state. All of your insights, revelations, guidance and a-ha moments will be captured in your Playbook as we complete the evening.

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    Night Two

    On Night Two we deepen your connection with the present moment and spark your inner light by exploring your inner point of power. Drea’s opening breathwork and grounding sets the stage, opening space for connecting with your Heartset as you are guided through our Ripple Effect tool. You will gain clarity about your dream’s impact on you, your community, and the world. Once connected with your power within as Drea takes you through heart opening yoga, we' will coach you through our Clarity Into Action process – a fun activity that is always a hit!  A guided connecting meditation closes out the night as we move into Playbook journaling to capture all of your learnings while they are fresh.

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    Night Three

    On Night Three, you will meet the Future You and design your vision of what's next for you. We will shine a light on the infinite possibilities and never-ending ingenuity that you can access within your Heartset. Heart opening yoga and breathwork kicks off the night, as we move into our Future Self process that includes a guided meditation and practical activity to capture the wisdom of your Future Self. Your Playbook journaling will capture the concrete steps, advice and guidance that your Future Self offers, so you are able to begin putting wisdom into action. We close out Night Three with a fun ritual that will leave you energized, focused, and deeply connected with the power of your Heartset, as your inner light changes from a spark to a flame.

Meet Your Hosts

Logan Reed and Anna Mumaw are the Unstoppable Sisters - two very different women with a shared passion for empowering women to change the world by making their dreams come to life.  Bringing their unique skillsets and perspectives to the business of Call Me Unstoppable™, Logan and Anna can’t wait to take you on a 3-day journey of fun, inspiration and practical tools to help you ignite your life and start making your dreams happen!

Anna & Logan, The Unstoppable Sisters
Anna & Logan, The Unstoppable Sisters

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome back our dear friend and fellow unstoppable woman, Drea Steele! Drea will be your personal guide for using yoga, breathwork and guided meditations to open your Heartset and welcome the light of the Universe into your Being each night of your Reset. Each guided activity is paired with the semi-precious stones, aromatherapy balms and candle that you receive in your Welcoming The Light Kit.

Andrea Steele, RYT
Andrea Steele, RYT

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