Free Downloads

Free Downloads

Gratitude Meditation

A 10-minute guided meditation to help you connect with gratitude and peace.

Mother's Love Exercise

This exercise is all about relating to your younger Self, whatever that looks like for you, and showing her the love that you give to others without a second thought. It's an opportunity to bring mother energy to your Self, since we know the power of that love.

The Self-Care Checklist

One critical component of your Skillset is what we call "reminders without effort" - a way to keep you on track in cultivating those habits that you've put in place to support you.  The Self-Care Checklist helps track what you are doing for yourself and where you might need to course correct, and offers suggestions and tips on maximizing the effect of your self-care.

The Permission Slip

Give yourself permission to be, do, want, or have whatever it is you need!  This permission slip and the included directions help you let go of your "shoulds" and explore the "what if's" so you can become unstoppable!  Don't forget to download the Permission Slip Directions below for additional tips.

Permission Slip Instructions

Instructions and tips for using The Permission Slip Download.

5 Gifts of Self-Care

Post this downloadable graphic to remind you of 5 simple ways to give yourself the gift of self-care.  A powerful "reminder without effort"!

Self-Care Visualization

Logan guides you in a short (5-minute or so) meditation, using the power of visualization to help you be your unstoppable self in this very moment.


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