Do You Have Mad Skills?

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The last element of the Trifecta of Unstoppable is Skillset, where we tether your dream to reality by creating the actions that make your dream happen faster…easier. Combined with Heartset and Mindset, your Skillset becomes your secret weapon in making magic happen. Your powerful, magical, fierce toolbox…that is always changing and growing along with you and your dreams. In Unstoppable U and our workshops, we focus on building three distinct, yet interconnected, elements that combine to create your unique Skillset: habits, structures and support.

One of the most important things to know is that your current habits, structures and support will not get you to your dream life.  Your life is organized for your current reality, not for the future life that your aspiration will give you. The good news is that knowing how to create the Skillset that your dream requires is an incredibly powerful tool for making that aspiration come to life, allowing you to get bigger results faster, not to mention with more fun and ease. And you can start creating your new Skillset right now.

Here is a quick example of how I created the Skillset that allowed me to lose weight and get back in shape last year:

Habits: I tracked my calorie intake,  nutrition and exercise every day, logging my food using a phone app. Practicing knowing what I was eating, making sound nutrition choices and adding exercise to my routine built solid habits that have been easy to continue beyond hitting my weight loss goal. I also added in weekly and monthly habits that supported this aspiration (think massages, webinars, etc.).

Structure: I used a program that gave me educational information every day, as well as a simple task list to follow. The program structure was easy for me to use and gave me a daily focus, breaking my weight loss goal into daily bites (pun intended!) that made reaching my goal easy and fun.

Support: As part of my program, I worked with both a Goal Specialist who helped me identify and be accountable for weekly goals. I also had access to an online group, for additional support.

All of these tools built the Skillset that allowed me to develop a new relationship with food, the momentum I needed for slow-and-steady weight loss and get in the best shape of my life.

So….let’s look at how you can start building the Skillset for any of your aspirations…whatever it is that you want to do, be or have in your life! One of the easiest ways to get started is to look at the habits that the life of your aspiration requires. For example, if your aspiration is to start your own business…what habits does a successful entrepreneur have? If you are having difficulty thinking of habits, I encourage you to think of someone you admire…say, Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. What habits would you imagine Sara has…daily, weekly, monthly…that allow her to build and maintain an amazingly successful business?

Write a list of what you imagine or even what you learn from Googling Ms. Blakely online…and then choose one habit to begin cultivating now, right now. No need to wait until you’ve quit your job, saved up the money to open you business or attended the class…one habit that you will start now. Maybe you set aside 15 minutes every day to study business basics, find entrepreneur’s MeetUp groups to attend or begin visioning on your successful business every morning. The idea is that you are beginning to live your dream life now…creating the habits that will get you across the finish line.

Building your toolbox, knowing how to create the Skillset that your aspiration requires, puts you in the driver’s seat for making your dreams happen. Without the proper Skillset, your Trifecta of Unstoppable will be out of alignment and you will experience the symptoms we outline in our Alignment Audit (get your copy here). If you are ready to learn more about how Unstoppable U can support you in living your unstoppable life, I’d love to talk with you. This on-demand online program gives you the autonomy to learn on your own schedule, with the additional benefit of group coaching to make sure that you don’t get stopped during your program. You can reach me at to talk about Unstoppable U, your aspirations and how our program can make them happen!

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