Organizational Leadership Unleashed

If you are ready to bring new clarity, alignment, and accountability to yourself and/or your team, we need to talk. We create the vision and the plan using a customized blend of Unstoppable U™ principles, Conversational Intelligence™, and ontological coaching – you create the results that take your performance to the next level.

Additional offerings include Conversational Intelligence training, customized group coaching programs and workshops.

Individual Transformation

When we work together one-on-one, the focus is 100% on supporting you to break down the obstacles that stand between you and the life you want. This is a deep dive experience that is designed to generate big results quickly, whether you want to write that book or change careers. If you are ready to take a look at what your best life looks like and how you can begin creating that life today, we should talk.

  • Conversational Intelligence™ Coaching and Training

    The neuroscience of leadership unlocked

  • Unstoppable U™

    Align your Heartset, Mindset and Skillset to become unstoppable

  • Ontological Coaching

    Empowerment through Being vs. Doing

  • Customized Training & Workshops

    Designed specifically for you, your team and your unique needs

I presume my clients to be whole and complete, not broken and not needing to be fixed in order to move forward in their lives. Clients have their own answers and are entirely capable of designing the actions that create the change that they crave; however, those answers are hidden behind patterns of thoughts and behaviors that work together to limit possibility. Awareness of who we are Being in our lives builds the foundation for powerful, permanent change. Without this awareness, change is likely to be superficial and temporary.

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