The Unstoppable Diaries

Logan and Anna each share their different experiences with Unstoppable U™, the Trifecta of Unstoppable, and all the twists and turns of an amazing journey.

Anna’s Diary – Mindset, Day 2

Oh, baby, what I could write about my Mindset journey!  Mindset is, for me, the biggest, richest and most fertile ground for the work of becoming unstoppable, because I can know where my heart is leading me and I can develop effective skills, but my old Mindsets are great at pushing their way in and trying to slow me down.   I have two “primary” Mindsets:  I am not good at, and completely unqualified to do, anything.  And I haven’t earned anything that I have – I’ve been carried by other people my whole life. Those two Mindsets have been such a part of my thinking …

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Anna’s Diary – Heartset, Day 1

Hello!  Today is Day One of my Unstoppable U journey, and my first diary entry. I hope you’ll join me as I go through the program and share what I’m experiencing, noticing, learning – and let me know what your experience is as well! I began today with Module One, Lesson One – Heartset. I’d been thinking I’d work on an aspiration related to a “reboot” of the Unstoppable U program, a revamping of the content with Logan using a whole bunch of skills and resources we’ve gained in the last year. I wasn’t sure that this particular aspiration would work, …

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