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Mythbusting – anyone Can do it!

One of the most important things to remember as you begin unraveling and replacing your self-limiting myths is that this is not a one-and-done process. Any progress in letting go of your personal myth is perfect, whether it feels big or small. I tell my clients that 1% of possibility is all I’m after at the start of busting up their myths because, once you see and feel the possibility of a new, empowering myth….well, the next 99% is just a matter of taking action and continuing to practice. All you need to do is: Identify What is the myth …

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Myth #1: It’s Wrong to Want What I Want.

We usually reach this point in the conversation when a client believes that their aspiration and desires don’t match up with who they think they are “supposed” to be and/or what they think they are “supposed” to do.  And, up to this point, they have lived their lives doing what they believe they are “supposed” to do, rather than listening to their Heartset. Au contraire, mon frère!  This is nothing more than a self-limiting, wing-clipping, dream-squashing, joy-stealing, fear-driven MYTH.  And we are going to bust it up…right now.   Identify the fear that is behind this myth. In this case, it could be something like “it’s …

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Your Personal Myths Are Limiting Your Life

Your personal myths are the stories you made up about yourself, the world and your place in it. They were created when you were very young — through a child’s eyes, a child’s perspective and a child’s sense of powerlessness.  Just some of the factors that went into your experience and that shaped your myths: family of origin, race, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, education systems, where you grew up geographically…and these are just a few.   Your personal myths create the lenses that you see life through and they determine everything that happens…or doesn’t happen….in your life.  For example: I grew up …

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Micro, Macro and Running Up That Hill

I love running for so many reasons…if nothing else, it gives me endless metaphors for talking about all things unstoppable! In this video, I talk a bit about the importance of the micro and macro as you move forward to your big, amazing, bold, fierce goal. Imagine yourself at the bottom of a big hill, looking up towards your end goal, and feeling completely overwhelmed. Stopped? Stuck? Intimidated? Listen to the video to discover one easy way to start making progress TODAY! Want more tips, tricks, hacks and the occasional running metaphor to connect with your inner unstoppable? Click below …

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