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Logan’s Video Diary #12

Aspirations, big and small, can feel overwhelming…cause us to question whether we have the time, the smarts, the ability to make it happen. We get stopped before we ever get started! Join me as I share how Aspiration Mapping gets me off the dime, soothes my anxiety about how I’ll make my aspiration happen and proves to my fears that I CAN make this happen.

Anna’s Diary #12 – Course Correcting

The final lesson of the Unstoppable U™ program is Module 4, Lesson 3:  Course Correcting.  And that’s a giant-size concept in a compact package!  The ability to course correct in real time is incredibly powerful in allareas of our lives, and learning that skill (and having some course correcting tools easily available when you need them) can be the thing that changes everything.  A great car, an accurate map and a smooth highway are useless if you can’t use the steering wheel! This last lesson includes a brief description of how our brains work in response to the various  stimuli we encounter, in terms of our …

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Anna’s Diary #11 – Commitment

Module 4, Lesson 2 is all about staying committed and on the path, and it came at a perfect time for me (as life often does).  Logan and I spent the last week working on and presenting a webinar and it was great – fun to work on and fun to do.  BUT, after we presented it and high-fived and enjoyed the process, I found my work on the UU reboot (my Aspiration) still waiting.  No one had done a thing on it the whole time I was away working on the webinar!  And after the feeling of finishing a great project, there sat the feeling …

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Anna’s Diary #10 – Permission

Module 4, Lesson 1 – and it’s about PERMISSION!  My favorite (or one of them at least) thing in Unstoppable U™!  Because it’s something I see women not getting nearly enough of, not in their work, their family lives, their own interests and loves…we just do not feel we have permission to do (or not do) so much of what we want and/or need to do. The Permission Slip in Module 4, Lesson 1’s Materials section is so simple but so powerful.  There are a couple of reasons for this:  first, it’s a visual that I can have in view all around me, all …

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Logan’s Video Diary #9

Look, ma, I just created new possibilities when I got stuck! One of the things Unstoppable U provides is self-efficacy…you are your own best resource for finding what you need when you get stuck, you just need to know HOW to create new possibilities. How handy that we provide a Possibility Generator worksheet so you can develop that skill!

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