Logan Reed

Logan’s Video Diary #12

Aspirations, big and small, can feel overwhelming…cause us to question whether we have the time, the smarts, the ability to make it happen. We get stopped before we ever get started! Join me as I share how Aspiration Mapping gets me off the dime, soothes my anxiety about how I’ll make my aspiration happen and proves to my fears that I CAN make this happen.

Logan’s Video Diary #9

Look, ma, I just created new possibilities when I got stuck! One of the things Unstoppable U provides is self-efficacy…you are your own best resource for finding what you need when you get stuck, you just need to know HOW to create new possibilities. How handy that we provide a Possibility Generator worksheet so you can develop that skill!

Logan’s Video Diary #8

Thank goodness for this program! I had a rough day, a setback…it felt crappy, made me question myself and my worth. And, because of what I have learned about being unstoppable, I was able to process the setback, get back on my feet and get back in action towards my aspiration. Watch this video to hear how it all went down.

Logan’s Video Diary #6

Today’s diary entry is all about looking at my personal myths — my self-limiting, fear based myths about who I am (and am not). Seeing, understanding and then REWRITING your personal myths is one of the most powerful skills that our work offers. I want every woman to become an expert myth buster!

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