Anna’s Diary #9 – Momentum

Momentum, as Module 3 Lesson 3 tells us, can be positive – but it can also be negative.  And Unstoppable U™ is designed not only to help interrupt the negative momentum, but to create the positive momentum as well.  It’s usually the forward-moving version that I think of, but this lesson makes me realize that getting stuck is not just staying in place:  getting stuck can actually mean moving backward, and having tools in place can get you back on the road and on your way.

For me getting stopped is the result of something that feels like rejection in some form in response to my efforts.  Feeling like the Universe is saying “no” to me (my website edit makes the new event page disappear, or YouTube tells me the music I have a license to use can’t be) goes straight to my #1 Thought Distortion, Labeling (“I’m a loser who isn’t good at anything”) along with a healthy dose of another, Magnifying (“This mistake shows that I can’t do this work at all”).   Those Thought Distortions neatly uphold a key Myth of mine, that I’m not good at anything and unqualified.  And off we go on that negative momentum retreat!

This UU™ lesson has two great things to help interrupt that cycle and get me back on track.  The first is a return to the Myth vs. Truth Worksheet introduced in Module 2.  It’s a very clear visual of the Myth that’s been kicked up by that perceived “no” from the Universe versus the reality of the situation.  Seeing them side by side is a great reminder that I know my Myth is just a story and the facts are very different.  Negative momentum interrupted, boom.

The second is the addition of Skillset items that I’ve already developed in the earlier lessons to my Aspiration Map, in the form of Daily Consistent Action.  I can look at these habits, supports and structures and figure out where in my Map’s Action Plans I can add them and begin to generate positive momentum again.  It’s a nice kind of modular approach because the Skillset tools can be swapped out as needed, or more added, without changing the Action Plan itself.

And finally:  the MAGIC.  This lesson brings up what some people call The Law of Attraction, which says essentially that like attracts like and what you think creates what you experience.  The short, simple version is that when you create even a small bit of forward movement, magic happens – it really does.  As you shift your Mindset and use those DCAs to start moving again, things will start to happen.  An unexpected phone call, an opportunity or invitation you hadn’t been aware of, a connection made – you don’t have to plan for it, all you have to do is add that small Daily Consistent Action to your plan, work that plan, and new possibilities and gifts will appear.  

I’ve already seen that happen! – I don’t know what it will be for you, but I know it will be there for you, and Lesson 3 of Module 3 has a great set of steps for getting you there.

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