Anna’s Diary #8 – Daily Consistent Action

This week I’m working on Module 3, Lesson 2 of the Unstoppable U™ program, Consistency.  It’s a follow-up to the previous lesson, “Charting Your Course”, because it helps with the HOW of reaching the finish line once you map the route there.  It’s the “how” that always pops up as the first objection for me, the whiny “yeah, but…” that wants to show me why this is all a bad idea and won’t work.  My answer to that “yeah, but”?

Daily Consistent Action!

Like a lot of what we talk about at Call Me Unstoppable™, and in the Unstoppable U™ program specifically, Daily Consistent Action (DCA for short) is the small building unit that is put in place beforehand to support everything that follows.  It’s like a brick that supports the layers above it, which then hold the next brick to support another layer, and so on.  And the bricks of Daily Consistent Action are there at hand as you build, because you create them ahead of time as part of your blueprint, your Aspiration Map.

Besides being ready to use, your Daily Consistent Actions work because they are bite-sized and practical.  Those are both huge for me because if an action or practice is too overwhelming, too complicated, it ain’t gonna happen.  The DCA’s you create in Lesson 2 are actions you can take easily, without angst or stress.  You just take the steps you’ve added to that day’s portion of your Aspiration Map, and you’re done.  You don’t have to get lost in the “yeah, but” weeds because your DCAs for today are designed to move you forward without having to figure it out all over again each day.  

Some Daily Consistent Actions I’ve added to my own Aspiration Map (my aspiration being reboot/revamping/fancy-schmancying of the Unstoppable U™ content) are:

  • Look at the outline I’ve created for the UU™ content already and take a moment to feel awesome about what I’ve done so far
  • Order the tasks for today with what requires the most work coming first
  • Complete one task for each reboot section I’m working on that day (part of my Aspiration Mapping process was to lay out these sections and their associated tasks)
  • Look ahead to tomorrow’s Action Plan and see if anything I’ve completed today changes what I’m doing tomorrow (“hey, I actually got that part halfway done today!”)

Some of my DCA is a lot more specific and doesn’t make sense to list here but you get the idea:  “completing one task” might contain a couple of its own DCA’s like “add new images to slides” or “video introduction with Logan”.  I walk through the DCA’s and when I’m done?  I’m DONE.

It’s all part of a mantra Logan and I have at Call Me Unstoppable™, which is that the first 1% of anything is what opens up the remaining 99%.  You don’t have to do it all today, or this week!  All you have to do is have your Aspiration Map to chart the course, and your Daily Consistent Actions to move you ahead that day.  You can adjust any part of the Map and the DCA’s as you go, and you probably will do that because as you move along your path things will change – new ideas will occur to you, new resources will become available, different priorities might emerge.  The Aspiration Map is designed for you to do exactly this.  And Daily Consistent Actions are the easiest building blocks to work with as you go.  They are, in fact



And best of all, 


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