Anna’s Diary #6 – Possibility Generator!

Feeling stuck is the WORST.  That feeling that you are out of options, all the doors are closed, and you are out of the game – it leads to a whole load of thought distortions and catastrophizing and all the things we do to ourselves when we feel stopped.

Getting stopped is part of being unstoppable.

Think about that for just a moment.  That is the #1 thing I am struck by in Module 2, Lesson 3:  that getting stopped sometimes isn’t just natural, it’s required.  It seems counterintuitive because we have so many emotional reactions and automatic responses that shriek “it’s all over!”  But the process of getting stopped is part of what, yes, generates possibility.

That’s why having the tools like the Possibility Generator worksheet is so powerful.  It takes what initially feels like the end and reveals that it’s a beginning.  It shows you how the doors you thought were shut aren’t just open, there are way more open doors than you realized even existed.

Logan and I like to say “Put aside the ‘shoulds’ and look at the ‘what if’s’”, because “what if” is an amazing question, when you actually sit with it.  The Possibility Generator worksheet is about making it easier to relax into the process of asking “what if”, wherever you are in this moment– it’s about putting aside knee-jerk reactions and getting curious about what is actually out there for you.  When I set aside a bit of time – even 10 minutes – and use the Possibility Generator worksheet, I go from feeling trapped to feeling excited, from being hopeless to being eager, and from a place of shrinking into myself to a place of taking up space and feeling powerful.

My very predictable reaction when something doesn’t go the way I hoped – when I get stopped – is to immediately feel alone and like a loser.  All the very familiar tapes start playing in my head:  who am I to think I can actually DO something like this?  I’m not good at ANYTHING.  I can’t believe I thought this would work.  And then I catastrophize because I feel like that is all there is – being stuck, being a failure, having to give up.

By using the Possibility Generator worksheet as a tool to ask “what if”, I’m able to first calm down my panicky brain, which just wants to flee the situation.  Then I’m able to redirect my thinking to what else is out there for me, and let my expansive brain kick in.  The worksheet helps me get real about whether I’m truly stuck, or just course-correcting to a newer, better path.

Getting stuck is part of being unstoppable.  Getting UNstuck requires only that you take some time, get realigned with your Heartset, and ask “what if?”  I love the Possibility Generator worksheet because it calms down my frantic thinking, and leads me gently toward an expansive view of everything that is possible. 

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