Anna’s Diary #5 – The Possibility Arc

The thing about possibility is that it is so huge and yet so fragile – it lives inside us, and that’s a space where our Myths and Sirens love to hang out too.

But it’s also the most magical creative space you can find to explore what is possible.  And when I was working with the Possibility Arc I realized that while my personal Myths (see my earlier post about Mythbusting) are well-established and quite comfy there, they also are really, really predictable.  And so the Possibility Arc really does, as Logan likes to say, spoil the joke – it breaks up the pattern that in the past has felt inevitable, and surprises those Sirens singing their songs with a very practical answer.  The Failsafe List is always there in my back pocket and when I start to feel the familiar “this isn’t going to work” feeling, and hear the usual voices in my head telling me why it won’t work and how I should just quit, I have steps that I can take right then to break that pattern.

A few of my Failsafes:

  • Take 5 minutes to sit, take deep breaths, and ask myself what exactly I am feeling in that moment (and sit with that feeling, just letting it be what it is)
  • Check in with the “experts” – my sister, my husband, a couple of friends who know me really, really well – and get their take on the actual facts of the situation
  • Read a chapter (or two) from one of my favorite books on this kind of thing, You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero (seriously, check it out, it’s great)

The idea is, of course, that I can break the pattern of self-doubt early in the cycle, around point #1 where things are starting to feel icky.  But it’s absolutely possible to get further along in the cycle before I actually realize what is happening, and so my Failsafe actions along the way can be very different at point #3 than they would be at #1.  But the biggest “a-ha” for me is that all of this work happens BEFORE any of those points are hit – there’s no effort at the point of self-doubt other than pulling out that list and finding what feels best in that moment.  I’m going to post my Failsafe List here as a supplemental blog post today, because I think it’s really helpful to brainstorm and see what other folks come up with as ways to break the cycle – the Siren Cycle, that’s what I call it.  Because it paints a great picture for me in my mind…

More to come – share your Failsafe actions in the comments, too!

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