Anna’s Diary #3 – Skillset, Day 3

Well – Skillset, and Lesson 3 of Module 1, is SUPER-dense.  So I’m just doing an entry today on the first element of the lesson, Habits. 

Habits are one of my favorite things to work with, because setting new habits gives me a huge sense of agency and self-efficacy.  And playing with the idea of habits in Experiment One (there are three different experiments in this lesson, each corresponding to one of the elements of Skillset: habits, structures, support) makes me feel very expansive – I see so much that I didn’t before.

Looking at Lesson 2’s Mindset Buster Worksheet, part 1, I can see that my personal myths revolve around not being good enough, and needing to stay small and invisible. In this experiment, I try to imagine what habits someone who knows she’s good enough and isn’t afraid to take up space might have, and I come up with:

  • Imagining/visioning the feeling of being this woman – confident and successful – and doing this visioning for 5 minutes daily.
  • Beginning a 5-times-a-week yoga practice to connect with my physical self and my sense of literally taking up space.
  • At the end of each week, making a written list of what I did, created, and accomplished that week, and then noting what skills and talents I used to achieve those things.
  • Keeping track of feedback on my work with a log of what people say about it, rather than immediately brushing off positive comments and forgetting about them.

These are just a few habits that I have begun in the last week.  If you’ve done this Skillset lesson yourself you’ll know that making these habits work relies on the Three R’s:  Remind, Repeat, and Reward.  Like Logan, I am a huge fan of reminders without effort – a recurring note in my calendar at week’s end, a yoga app that delivers suggested practices to my phone each morning, a posted vision board of images that give me the feeling of that confident and successful woman. 

Repetition comes from taking these new actions on a regular schedule (morning meditation, having “yoga days”, my end-of-week list-making time).

And Rewards! – my favorite aspect of habit creation.  My written habits are supported by a new journal that I chose carefully, knowing I would feel a little burst of joy whenever I see it and open it.  My yoga practice is supported by being the precursor to my daily nap (although it took almost no time at all for me to love the yoga all on its own).  And my visioning practice gets a boost from being linked to the collage artwork I do – it ties this new habit into something I love doing (and I get some amazing inspirations and surprises by doing it).

So that’s my Skillset work so far, working that first Habits in Module 1, Lesson 3.  The really great thing is that I know I can adjust any of the habits I’m working on as I go – as I learn something new or find the way I’m doing it isn’t quite working, but with a slight shift it will.  And I am feeling a very real change in how I see those personal Myths.  It’s working.

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