Anna’s Diary #11 – Commitment

Module 4, Lesson 2 is all about staying committed and on the path, and it came at a perfect time for me (as life often does).  Logan and I spent the last week working on and presenting a webinar and it was great – fun to work on and fun to do.  BUT, after we presented it and high-fived and enjoyed the process, I found my work on the UU reboot (my Aspiration) still waiting.  No one had done a thing on it the whole time I was away working on the webinar!  And after the feeling of finishing a great project, there sat the feeling of “oh man…I still have WAY too much to do.”

It’s a classic for me and shows up big on my Possibility Arc, which is one of the best Skillset tools for shaky feelings of commitment:  one of the biggest triggers for me on my Possibility Arc, an event very likely to cause me to stumble and lose steam, is what Logan calls post-commitment euphoria, that big celebration after a “win”.  Right after that there’s a return to reality and that is what trips me up.

I see the work to be done and immediately doubt sets in.  I can’t actually do all this, I was crazy to think this would work, it’s a dumb idea and so on and so forth – all my old tapes are playing and telling my why I should quit.

But the Possibility Arc is a very clear visual, a map really, that makes it clear that all these feelings are part of a well-known cycle, one that I can break any time I choose.  I can see just where this feeling of being overwhelmed, and then feeling defeated and hopeless, shows up for me precisely when I’ve just done something big.  And I have the strategies in place to feel those feelings and move through them.

I do the Commitment Statement activity and the visualization process described in this lesson, sitting and connecting with my Heartset and my original Aspiration Statement – to create an awesome reboot of the Unstoppable U™ program that brings all the new skills and tools Logan and I now have to make the program even better.  My Commitment Statement says that I am committed to empowering women everywhere to do the work they were born to do.  I envision this commitment and the feeling of achieving it, of seeing women doing things they didn’t think they could and realizing dreams they thought were out of reach.  I sit with the experience of knowing that each woman who has completed the Unstoppable U™ program feels empowered in a new way, and knowing also that each of these women is now out in the world, changing it for the better.

Being able to experience that feeling when I am having doubts is HUGE.  It breaks my usual cycle of overwhelm and reminds me that I’m not looking at a burdensome task list but an amazing, exciting, wide-open journey to something that feels wonderful.  And then – I’m back in business.

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