The Aspiration Accelerator

3 Hours To Fast-Track Your Dream

November 23, 2019
from the comfort of your home or office

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Think You Don't Have Time To Make Your Dream Happen? Let Us Prove You Wrong!

We created the Aspiration Accelerator with women who are big on dreams, but short on time, in mind. In this intimate, powerful deep dive you will reconnect you with your Heartset, create clarity on your aspiration and…most importantly…CREATE THE PLAN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Intrigued? It all starts with a conversation to make sure that the Aspiration Accelerator is just what you’re looking for to jumpstart your dreams…once we know that we are a power duo, we get you registered and your experience begins!  Click the link below to schedule a time to chat and find out if the Aspiration Accelerator is the game-changer you need!

Step into this unique experience and make magic happen!

It's more than a training - it's an EXPERIENCE

The thing that makes the Aspiration Accelerator unique is that your experience begins as soon as you register! The moment you sign up, our work begins…and you start your personalized journey towards gaining clarity on the #1 goal that will rock your world and MAKING IT HAPPEN!

When I say that our work begins, I mean that we immediately start providing tools, support and inspiration, all of which are specifically designed to fan the spark of your aspiration so it begins to grow into a powerful flame inside of you. You will begin experiencing what is possible when you have relentless love and support behind you and your dreams – all without doing anything other than playing with the materials that magically appear in your inbox and mailbox!

By the time we are together live for your group Aspiration Accelerator, you are prepped and ready to do deep, powerful work in our 2 hours together and walk away with the plan to make your #1 goal HAPPEN!

We aren’t in the business of selling inspiration that doesn’t result in action and we sure as heck aren’t in the business of wasting precious time, so I wanted to reach out and show you exactly what you get when you join me for the Aspiration Accelerator.

Registration for this invitation only event is open now, and it all starts with a conversation to make sure that the Aspiration Accelerator is a great fit for you.  Once we know that you are ready for this event, we get you registered for an investment of $1,200 and…your Experience begins!

The Aspiration Accelerator

November 23, 2019 | 11:00AM - 1:30PM Pacific Time

Meet Your Host

Logan Reed has always been an unstoppable force of nature, whether building her business or building her dream house with her husband. After a 15-year career in Human Resources, Logan abandoned everything she had been told to want and began pursuing the life of her dreams. She never looked back and, in a few years, created a life that is aligned with financial abundance, joy and purpose.

As a coach and trainer, Logan is known for guiding clients along the path of discovering their own unstoppable nature and applying the Trifecta of Unstoppable to their lives so they can begin living the life of their dreams. She is a champion for empowering others to blaze their own path by discovering, and aligning their life with, their Heartset, Mindset and Skillset.

In 2018, Logan created Unstoppable U, where people of all walks of life come to unleash their own unstoppable nature and begin building a life that is both inspired and powerful.

When she isn’t busy coaching and training, you can find Logan hitting the pavement for a run or practicing her tango in the dance studio. A true Pacific Northwest girl, Logan loves listening to the rain while cuddling with her two cats and husband, or exploring local hiking trails before hunting down a perfect cup of coffee.

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The Aspiration Accelerator

3 Hours To Fast-Track Your Dream

November 23, 2019 | 11:00AM - 1:30PM Pacific Time

The Trifecta of Unstoppable - learn more!

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