About Us

We are the Unstoppable Sisters, Anna and Logan!  While we are very different people, we both believe that the world can be made a better place one person at a time.  Call Me Unstoppable, LLC was born of our shared passion for empowering women and the joy we always find when we team up together.

Younger sister Logan has always been an unstoppable force of nature, whether leaving her established career in HR to pursue her passion for coaching or navigating the 4 ½ year path to build her dream house with her husband after being told they couldn’t build on their land.

Ever efficient, Logan developed her own process for creating bigger results faster in her life, which then became the framework for her online program, Unstoppable U, which was released in 2019. Logan knows that aligning our Heartset, Mindset and Skillset (the Trifecta of Unstoppable) is the foundation of an unstoppable life and is continually delighted to coach and train other women back into alignment so they can reconnect to their innate power and make the impossible happen in their lives.

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Older sister Anna is the creative and technical genius behind Call Me Unstoppable, LLC. You enjoy Anna’s handiwork every time you see our amazing Instagram and Facebook posts or watch our informational (and fun!) videos. Her work history includes more than 20 years of self-employment as a dog walker as well as graphic arts, and when she had a chance to work with Logan she knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Anna is also responsible for the social justice arm of Call Me Unstoppable, which focuses on empowering women of color so they can bring their full voice, power and authority to the world. Anna and Logan know that, when one woman is lifted up, ALL women are elevated – this is our mission, this is our vision.


To read more about our mission and vision, please check out our Manifesto.

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I turned my back on a successful career to pursue my Heartset’s desire to coach others into the lives of their dreams. And became far more successful along the way, working with everyone from stay-at-home parents to the UN World Population Fund.


My mother passed away with a dream unfulfilled: a public exhibit of her photography, which was one of her passions. I fulfilled my mother’s dream by producing a public exhibit of her photography that also happened to be the fundraiser for Old Dog Haven.



Changing lives by day, and pursuing my own goal of supporting a local charity (Old Dog Haven, check them out!) by night, I joyfully raised $3k for the care and rehoming of elderly dogs in 3 hours.

Defying the Odds

So many examples, but the one that is nearest and dearest to my Heartset is building my dream home after being told by the local County that it was impossible to build on my beloved piece of land. One thing that guarantees that I’ll make something happen is being told that it’s impossible!

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