Who We Are

We are the Unstoppable Sisters, Anna and Logan (and yes, we are actual sisters)!  While we are very different people, we both believe that the world can be made a better place one person at a time.  Call Me Unstoppable™  was born of our shared passion for empowering women and the joy we always find when we team up together.

Anna (left) & Logan, The Unstoppable Sisters
Anna (left) & Logan, The Unstoppable Sisters

Younger sister Logan left a 15-year career in HR to pursue her dream to become a PCC-certified coach, and to develop a methodology and tools that anyone can use to realize their dreams. This resulted in the online program, Unstoppable U™, released in 2019. Logan knows that aligning our Heartset, Mindset and Skillset (the Trifecta™ of Unstoppable) is the foundation of an unstoppable life.

Logan 7
Anna 7

Older sister Anna provides the creative and technical power behind Call Me Unstoppable™ and is a Peer Support Specialist - she herself works with a coach and knows the power that coaching has to reconnect women to their hearts and their power. Along with Logan she presents Call Me Unstoppable's trademarked methodology online and in person to help fulfill the company's mission:  to create a platform where women of all colors and backgrounds come together to educate, inspire, and empower one another.


Why Coaching?

Whatever you are focusing on, or have fallen short trying to achieve in the past, a key component to making real change is support.  Coaching provides the kind of support that friends and family, self-help approaches and positive thinking can't - a trained, certified coach brings skills to the table along with a just-for-you focus that is both supportive and practical.  You feel empowered and championed, and get concrete tools to make real change.

Why Us?

At Call Me Unstoppable™ we have it all: professional certification and years of coaching experience, combined with innovative, compassionate support and a mission to free YOUR Unstoppable. We believe that power is an essential part of who you are and that no matter how big or how small, your dreams make the world a better place.

We have put all of this together in our proprietary method and can offer all levels of support, from group coaching to one-on-one and our 6-month online program, Unstoppable U™.

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